Ohayoo gozaimasu! Molly and Marc visited Japan from December 27, 2001 to January 14, 2002. Here you can read about their adventures as well as view images and maps from their trip. We've tried to optimize for 800x600 as much as possible, so the screen can get rather cramped when viewing image galleries, which you can get to by clicking the link on the left. Also those of you on dialup may have some delays viewing images, sorry!

The site was originally set up to be dynamic, so some of the following no longer pertains.

The left frame contains links to log entries. Each time you arrive, new entries will be in
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Once you've read them, the next time you come to the site or refresh the page, they will be in
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We hope you enjoy this journal, and have as much fun reading it as we had traveling in Japan.

-Molly and Marc (aka Aya and Hikaru)

The Japanese text at the top says "When I go to Japan, I am happy." ("Nihon e iku toki, ureshii desu.")