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Snapped this as we arrived at ACL Fest, thinking it was a cool shot of a plane over the building. Then I thought, wow, that's a big plane...
2005_09_23_ACL0121.JPG 2005_09_23_ACL0203.JPG 2005_09_24_ACL0005_filtered.jpg 2005_09_24_ACL0006b_AirForceOne_filtered.jpg 2005_09_24_ACL0165.JPG
2005_09_24_ACL0182.JPG 2005_09_24_ACL0211.JPG 2005_09_24_ACL0239.JPG 2005_09_24_ACL0243.JPG
2005_09_24_ACL0425_filtered.jpg 2005_09_24_ACL0466_filtered.jpg 2005_09_24_ACL0482_filtered.jpg 2005_09_25_ACL0312_filtered.jpg 2005_09_25_ACL0318_filtered.jpg
2005_09_25_ACL0658_filtered.jpg 2005_09_25_ACL0690_filtered.jpg
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