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Landscaping Event at Girlstart

Kira and Mao in a sunbeam.

Cute little black pug puppy I'm taking care of

Christmas in Houston, 2004

Reazul's Rose Bowl party

My nieces and nephew, man have they grown since then!

Pug Meetup

My new Acura TL, Sakaki

Moni and Vince's Reception Party

Ana's Wedding reception in Houston

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows party at Book People/Book Woman

Pool Party at Per's Place

Some of the better pictures from ACL

Kira and Mya in the bluebonnets, March 2003

DisneyWorld in 2005~!

Agatha, Laura, and Teresa

My bellydancing friends

Tim's 5th Anniversary Party

FA-22 Raptor goes into service...

Pictures from our fishing trip August 2003

My grandparents, Minnie and Alfred Sr.

Halloween 2002

Gary's Halloween Party 2004


My house, right before I bought it in 2002

My Jetta after getting nailed by truck, Feb 2004

Lizzie and me singing

Kira Mei, my cute pug puppy!

Pictures of Kira at 75dpi. Pretty low res so I'm replacing them.

Kira and her littermates Ling Ling and General Mao

Kira and Mya together again

Kira in 9/2003

Mei Ling's Birthday Party 11/14/2003

Moni and Vince's wedding!

Pictures of Mistress Mya Chu the pug

Well... other stuff...

Kira, Tigger, and Ifurita

Pictures from the Sept 6, 2003 Austin Pug Meetup at Bull Creek

Reazul, my friend and coworker

These are unresized images from other folders. HUGE!

Weekly Pug Meetup at Bull Creek Park on Sept 23,2003

Pictures of Yuri right before I sold her

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