Europe current locationPictures for today coming... They're not with me though, so you'll have to wait until I get back!


We awoke and got dressed with plans for me to drop off Terri at work. However, she was feeling really horrible again, and so she decided it would be best if she didn't go in. We stopped into the lobby to check email and the like, but then returned to the room where she went back to bed. I read more of Band of Brothers.

Later in the afternoon, she needed some food, so we stopped by Donor Kebab, a small fast food place in the area near the hotel for a big sandwich thing with sliced lamb and a tangy sauce in a sort of thick pita. So very delicious!

Terri took me around Radebeul a little to check out the wonderful views. There were some nifty old-looking houses around, and a cool road that made it look like we were driving right up the stairs to the Spitzhaus. We made a short jaunt to Ikea to check out the big European versions. They have dog parking there! Hahahahaha!

The furniture didn't make that much of an impression, but the bottom floor with all the "stuff", well that was cool. We were both flipping out over the plates, lights, you name it. We need a new house to fill up with stuff! Heh. There was this neat multicolored light wall decoration that changed every so often that caught my eye. We wondered how much of this stuff they sold in Houston. We'll have to check next time we're there.

We returned to the hotel again to take a nap, since Terri was feeling bad again. A few hours later we headed back out to dinner at the sushi place, since that seemed like a fun last dinner in Dresden. The sushi was not too bad, although we had ordered a spicy salmon roll on top of the sushi platter and somehow ended up with a cooked teriyaki tuna roll... confusion. We wandered around the area again after dinner and ended up at a cafe where we both got coffee.

This was a mistake. While we had energy to pack, we also were wired at bedtime and that was a real issue... Took a long time to sleep.

-- Hikaru