Europe current locationWork again, but shortened because Terri got sick right after lunch. I took her back to the hotel, where she took a long nap and I read Band of Brothers. It's kind of interesting now (well, more interesting, since I'd watched the miniseries and had been enthralled) since we'd been to Berchtesgaden, home of Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Do wish we'd gotten to see it.

After Terri awoke later in the evening, she was hungry, so we traveled downtown to the nicest part of Dresden I'd ever seen. It's very upscale; I had no idea this place existed! It's really the first part of Dresden that I really enjoyed, to be honest. We ate at a little Italian place (one more Italian meal before we go) where Terri got carbonara, and I got a quattro stazione pizza with artichoke, mushrooms, ham, and peppers. Both were delicious, with Terri's carbonara coming in a close second to the one in Berchtesgaden. She still was unsure of her stomach, so she told me I might have to eat hers and save the pizza for later. "If you love me," she said, jokingly, "you'll eat this carbonara." Oh, the pain of eating delicious pasta, but I could do it, for her. ;) She managed to eat most of it, but I polished it off, willingly. We saved about half the pizza for cold meal later.

After we finished, our slight uncomfort was solidified; the restaurant didn't take credit cards, and we had virtually no cash between us. I raced out into the night to find an ATM for emergency fundage. Fortunately, I located one almost immediately a couple of blocks away along a shopping arcade.

I returned, we paid up, and we wandered a little bit around the area. She found this Japanese restauarant, Cuchi, that was packed. She and Annie had dined there before. It was very trendy and pretty. Further down was a small kitchen shop with nifty utensils and decorations we were both drooling over. A pretty fountain and a firepit were nearby as well, adding to the atmosphere of the area. I was still in awe that places like this existed in Dresden.

We wandered through the shopping arcade, checking out stores and the locale. A ferris wheel was being assembled for something, and we were interested, having never seen one in pieces before. They were putting it up very quickly! Our final task was to locate a restaurant she'd eaten at named Cap Merlot, which she'd been unable to find in the past. We had been doing this for a while since we located Cuchi, and surprisingly, it was just around the corner from the Japanese place. Next door was a strange, but cool looking African place that served such fare as ostrich, crocodile, and antelope! One day, maybe, we'll get to try it.

We returned to the car and then to the hotel, ready for bed.

-- Hikaru