Europe current locationToday was Todd's last day in Dresden for the year. "Three months at home with my wife," he sighed. To celebrate this phenomenal occasion, Dave, Todd, Terri and I went to the Schnitzhaus for beer and schnitzel. Dave was the only one of us who got the Big Schnitz this time. The rest of us got the little schnitz. :) There of course were some unintentional off-color comments about "Dave's Big Schnitz" and "pounded pork", but these were met with only pre-teen giggles from time to time. Dave's been there enough that they just walked up and dropped off his favorite beer before he'd even ordered! I casually mentioned after cleaning my plate that I wish I had a little more schnitzel, and Dave said, "have I got a deal for you..." then handed me a big chunk of the flattened pork cutlet to savor. Yum!

A guy walked in with a really sweet and HUGE dog, perhaps half German Shepard, half Mastiff... or sheepdog...or something. Dave spent a lot of time petting it. I had to on the way out as well. Soon... I see the pugs.

Terri and I also ordered an apple streudel before leaving, which arrived in massive tropical (!) presentation. How very odd...

We walked back to the hotel in the much warmer Radebeul air, congratulating Todd on his escape from Germany.

-- Hikaru