Europe current locationTerri went to work without me this morning and let me sleep in. I really hadn't intended on sleeping really late, but I was completely out until 10:15 or so, which meant I ended up missing out on the pre-paid breakfast that she's not been using. Drat. I ate some muesli, cheese, and fruit in the room and then just relaxed for much of the day. Terri came and picked me up around 2:30 in the lobby, and I went back to the office with her.

The reason for this was that there was a work outing that evening to an Indian restaurant in Neustadt called Scheune. A big group of us headed out there, including Kevin, Youssef, Sony, Troy, Todd, Dave, Terri, and myself. It was right down the street from Al Capone's actually; we'd passed it on Sunday night. They had loads of beer, but I was told the food was the best thing. I had a big Raderberger initially, but after tasting Terri's Guiness, I decided to try some again. I never used to like the stuff, but I think I do now.

Terri and I shared this wonderful fried cauliflower dish for an appetizer, with a spiced batter. It came with three sauces, one tangy red one, and two more white sauces, probably a cucumber-based one, and one more light sauce.

Our main dishes arrived, and everyone was pretty pleased. I got a mutton madras with "brot" (bread) and Terri was diving into her chicken curry. These were spiced to perfection, and I wanted to eat very very slowly. After I had pulled every possibly molecule out of the bowl, I decided to order a rice pudding dish with mangoes for dessert. This was more than I could take though; it was a massive bowl and I couldn't possibly finish. We spent the remainder of the evening chatting it up with one another, and playing with my camera.

As we left, there was a big crowd of young, punk-looking kids hanging out outside drinking up a storm. This is a normal occurrence for Neustadt, though, which many people compare with the Drag in Austin. We drove Sony and Troy back to the hotel, then went straight back to the room to go to sleep as it was already pretty late.