Europe current locationAnother uneventful day at work. We spent the day there, and I went back to the hotel a little early, then came back to pick up Terri. We returned to the hotel, worked out, then went to a little Chinese place down the road called Sapa. There we had two bowls of soup. I had this crab soup, which was just mediocre, but Terri had this creamy Thai tom yum (tom kha gai?) chicken-coconut lemongrass soup that just exploded with flavor.

We were being really silly and romantic; she fashioned a little bite of soup with all the right things in it and then handed it to me, because she really thought that I should enjoy it. Awww... My crab soup didn't compare, though. The main course was crispy duck on a massive pile of bean sprouts which was ultra delicious. When we got down to the end of the duck, I handed her the last piece of crispy duck skin which was the best of the bunch. Terri then handed me back half of it a few moments later. The outcome of this was that we were talking about how we were going to make our future children sick with talk of how romantic we were.

"And then your mom gave me the perfect bite of soup..."
"...and your father gave me the last piece of crispy duck skin...<staring fit>"
"...and then your mom gave me half back <sniffle>..."
<vomiting noises>

We are very weird. :)

We returned to the hotel and visited the sauna once again, this time a little less cautious with the extreme nudity. It's pretty standard to go into these places naked here, but being Americans, it's still a little weird. Actually, not so weird as running into co-workers really.

Back to the room and to bed, since the morning was coming.