Europe current locationAn uneventful day at work. Terri has to work the entire time we\'re here, so I\'m doing some work as well to make up some vacation time I would have to take otherwise. We both spent the day there, eating lunch in the cafeteria with her coworkers, then left at 5pm or so.

We were pretty exhausted still from hiking around Saxony Switzerland and were hungry to boot, so we decided just to get dinner as soon as possible. We went to Zorba\'s, the Greek place down the way from the Steigenberger, as this was one of the places that Terri really wanted me to try.

They started us out with two shots of uzo, then we were provided with a big glass of Raderberger beer for me, and a glass of decent white wine for Terri. She ordered us this really yummy crabby cheesy dip to spread on bread, which was fantasic, then they delivered the main course for both of us, exochiko arni. This is a sort of lamb cheese pot pie with a chewy but flaky crust that simply eminates \"comfort food\". We were stuffed at the end, and Terri hadn\'t even eaten half of hers. No pictures... I didn\'t have my camera all day!

Back at the hotel, we decided to go swimming and to check out the sauna. The pool was a little crowded and chilly, and we spent a while trying to figure out how to turn on the bubbles in the cold spa. They really need to learn about the concept of a hot spa... We next decided to go into the Turkish bath, which is completely lined with marble and is very Roman-looking and beautiful. The main entrance hall has this hot marble slab to lay on, and it felt good on our aching legs. We stepped inside the main bathing area beyond the entrance hall, but felt a little weird wearing bathing suits when everyone else was completely sans clothing. We almost immediately returned to the hot rock.

After the people in the main area left, however, we felt adventurous, so we skipped out on the clothes and went inside. One of Terri\'s coworkers had said it was a completely different experience without clothing, and they were right. It\'s somehow more relaxing. Terri was feeling a little self-conscious about running into her coworkers, as most of them are men, so we reclothed and walked over to the sauna around the corner. One was empty and we stepped inside.

Apparently, what we had stepped into was in fact the photosphere of the sun.

Or at least it felt like it. It was rediculously hot in there, 203 degrees in fact, so that we could barely touch anything. After five minutes or less we had to escape. We exited, then doused ourselves in cool water, avoiding the ice-cold bath nearby, and gathered our things to go back to the room.

German sauna experience rating: weird, but good.