Guten Tag!

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Hey folks! I will be in Europe from January 9th through January 30th, 2005. Here you can read about my adventures as well as view images and maps from my trip. I've tried to optimize for 1024x768 as much as possible, so the screen can get rather cramped when viewing image galleries. Also those of you on dialup may have some delays viewing images, sorry!

The left frame contains links to log entries. Unread entries look like this:

Once you've read them, the next time you come to the site or refresh the page, they will look like this:

Also, check the image gallery from the link on the top left. There are many images, and even video, that aren't in thumbnail form on the log!

I hope you enjoy this journal, and have as much fun reading it as I have spending time in Europe.

-Marc (Hikaru)

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